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Building a strong product portfolio is the bedrock of any Pharmacy success history in this field. Aristo believes in blending its presence in high growth mass markets and high growth niche markets. Making strong brand equity is the aspect of every marketing plan conceived at Aristo. We constantly undertaking to build a critical mass through wider beneficial division coverage, more advance prescription quality, broad geographical reach, extensive distribution capabilities and entry into generally dispersed rural markets. ARISTO is making rapid in roads into growing niche markets like Anti hypertensive's, Anti Diabetics, Cholesterol Reducers, Anti Osteoporotics and Anxiolytics. ARISTO has 7 brands in the covered Top 200 brands of the Indian pharmacy market; Aristo pharmacy's some popular products are Monocef (Ceftriaxone); Mikacin (Amikacin); Megapen (Ampicillin Cloxacillin), Flexon (Ibuprofen Paracetamol), Cefadrox (Cefadroxil), Aristozyme ( A Digestive enzyme). The Marketing represetitveTeam at Aristo Kyboe is guided by a commitment and conviction to serve the prescriber's letter, and to build a strong, sustainable long term relationship with them. We are honored of the long term and cordial relationship that the organization enjoys with its employees, vendors, dealers and associates. Modern and trendy mens watches and ladies watch.

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Article Topic: Aristo's products reflect the quality assurance and care of competent committed personnel

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