Photo Gallery - 2013
Fly Fishing Jamboree - Saskatoon
And yes there are door prizes again this year. Phil Rowley Getting the skinny on what trout eat fly tying demonstration One of 2 local flyshops offering their wares Sharing some stories and lies Sharing the results of the 2012 creel study The seminar was too interesting to fall asleep
Model Train & Hobby Show - Prince Albert
With a little help anyone can tie a fly. Opps, looks as though I caught a light. This if fun. And my brother said we were coming here to look at trains. Step by step instructions to tie a Copper Bugger. Even adults can learn to tie just as easily as the kids. Next it is Dad's turn. Getting some pointers on how to cast. Give a few years and she could be the  next April Vokey! Explaining the finer details of fly casting.
First I have to learn to cast..... ..... and then I have to tie the fly to cast.
Club Dug Out - buy a membership and find out where
Ready for a road trip Filling the bags with oxygen at Keet's Fish Farm - Saskatoon Unloading the cargo at the dugout Lastleg of the trip to the dug out Dennis testing the depth of the shore line Mixing the trout in with some dugout water Releasing the trout into the water Easier said than done to catch a trout for photo 5 1/2 inch rainbow trout In less than 15 minutes feeding on the bugs in the dug out
Dug out dimension 80 x 200 x 14 feet
Carlton High School Resource Management 30
Out of Province Waters
Trout Streams in SW Saskatchewan
Denis - The Master Tyer Fly tying class Concentrating Club member Duncan overseeing the beginners Club member John giving some pointers Club member Ryan giving some pointers Almosty a wooly bugger A few more steps to finish The finished product Getting some adivce from club member Peter
I thought you said this would be easy Why won't the fish bite Even the teacher got to see some action Resource Management 30 class
Caddis Lake, Eric with a lovely Brown Doug with a 21 inch Splake he  caught at Raspberry Lake Doug with a 23 inch Brown he caught at Raspberry Lake Doug with a small but lovely Tiger he caught at Fern
Tokaryk Lake Mb, 18  Brown Tokaryk Lake Mb, 18 + Rainbow Tokaryk Lake Mb, Tony from Kilpatrick Fly Fishers with a nice Brown Murray fishing for Brookies on Goose River, MB Ernie fishing for Brookies on Goose River A colorful Goose River Brookie Preparing to launch on Barbe Lake, MB Charlie with another Rainbow on Barbe Lake Peter and Ernie on Barbe Lake Charlie with his catch on Barbe Lake
Kendall with his first Barbe Lake Rainbow The ruler doesn't lie Gary and Murray on Rocky Lake, MB I told them to bring a gas motor Peter with Barbe Lake Rainbow Peter with another Barbe Rainbow Ernie's catch of the day on Barbe Lake Taking a break from fishing on Barbe Lake A Goose River Brook Trout Paul with the biggest catch on Barbe Lake
Local Waters
A toast for a successful fishout Belanger Creek hiking up from Belanger Creek Belanger Creek Brookie Belanger Creek Brown Dealing with the grass on Bone Creek Duncan with a Bone Creek Brown no takers with this leech on the Bone Creek Bear Creek over abundance of food  for the fish on Battle Creek
Gary with a Battle Creek Rainbow Peter with a Battle Creek Rainbow Peter with another Battle Creek Rainbow Rob with Battle Creek Rainbow That's one hugh may fly Duncan with a smaller Bone Creek Brown Duncan with a decent size Bone Creek Brown September colors of the Bone Creek Brown Peter with a large Bone Creek Brown Peter with a colorful Bone Creek Brown
Peter's smallest Bone Creek Brown