Crowsnest Pass - Alberta
Carbondale River - Bull Trout pool Carbondale River - hiking to the river Carbondale River - Rainbow Trout Carbondale River Crowsnest River - fishing a pool Crowsnest River - slow water Crowsnest River - smile Crowsnest River - taking a break Crowsnest River - trying a different pattern
Crowsnest River - where should we fish Crowsnest River- the big one Crowsnest River Oldman River - changing flies Oldman River - drifting a dry fly Oldman River - log jam Prince Nymph Race Horse Creek - Cutbow Trout Race Horse Creek
The Gap - Cutbow Trout The Gap Upper West Castle River - Cutbow Trout Upper West Castle River - fish on Upper West Castle River - fishing a pool Upper West Castle River - getting ready Upper West Castle River - hiking up stream Upper West Castle River - taking a break
North Saskatchewan River - Prince Albert
Father Day Fishout Narrow Hils Provincial Park fishing for Rainbow Trout on Mackie Lake floating on Mackie Lake Mackie Lake Rainbow Trout Mackie Lake
Father's Day Fishout - Narrow Hills Provincial Park, Saskatchewan
Photo Gallery - 2009
caught on a dry fly Landing a Moon Eye N Sask River, Prince Albert sunset on N Sask River
Shellbrook High School
almost completed casting at Nisbet Trout Pond checking for bugs collecting bugs learning about the bugs in the water learning to tie the Wooly Bugger might be a dragon fly nymph receiving casting instructions