Gary hugging a tiger. Gary with a Tiger Trout caught in the fall. Kendall about to net another Tiger Trout. Kendall trying to feed his net to a Tiger Trout Male tiger with fall colours Paul O showing off his decked out pontoon boat. Paul O with a great looking Tiger Trout. Paul O. releasing 1 of 25  Tigers he caught on this trip. Success at last. Twin Lake male Tiger Trout
Twin Lake Tiger Trout Twin Lake
Twin Lake - Manitoba
Photo Gallery - 2008
Crows Nest Pass - Alberta
Brett with a nice Cutthroat Trout from the Crowsnest River. Father and Son (Gary and Brett) on the Castle River preparing to do "battle" with the trout. Brett fishing one of many plunge pools on one of the (sorry, it will remain unnamed) local creeks. Brett fishing a small creek run.  He pulled a nice cutty off the far bank/rock, moments after this picture was taken. A nice Cutthroat Trout from a creek that is not as wide as a fly rod is long, Charlie with a respectable fish from the Carbondale River.  This was Charlie's first trip to the area, but I'll wager it wont be his last. 6 trout on the Crowsnest River, taken from 35 feet above the fish.  These fish are 26 and 28 inches long. Notice how close to shore and shallow these fish are feeding. A nice Cut-bow from the Crowsnest River. Crowsnest River and Valley Gary with a Carbondale River fish.
Gary with a Crowsnest River trout. In water as clear as this you are often "sight fishing" or first seeing fish and then casting to them. Another nice Cutthroat or perhaps it's a Cut-Bow Trout from the Crowsnest River. Stopping for a beer - ooops I mean beverage break in a high mountain meadow by the river. Brett had caught so many fish over the past week, that on our last day, he decided to take some time off from fishing and build an inshuk. Here we have every fly fisherman's dream... a "hatch" of large mayflies and the fish going crazy for them. This was a very short lived, but exciting event. A beautiful spot and stretch of water on one of my favorite creeks in the area.
Local Waters
A pike caught after  the spring spawn. A pike in Nesland Lake stocked with trout A splake kept for supper A well stocked fly box. Arctic Grayling fishing - fast water is where you find them. Charlie with a  rainbow trout and cool looking sunglasses! Gary with colorful Rainbow Trout. John with a Brown Trout. Kyle from Alberta came to fish in Saskatchewan. Pau M fishing with 2 inches of ice.
Paul M with a rainbow trout Paul O. with a rainbow Trout. Peter showing off his form in his Trout Trap belly boat. Peter with a brook Trout. Peter with a Smallmouth Bass. Peter with a Walleye. Rod with one of many nice fish he caught in the fall. Theo with a Brook Trout. Theo with a Rainbow Trout. Typical Brook Trout habitat again.
Typical Brook Trout habitat.
Club Activities
Doug applying a special  protective epoxy to the thread wraps on his guides. Kendall and Doug applying glue to a (soon to be) net wood strip. Kendall covering his guide thread wraps with a special finishing epoxy. A landing net frame, glued and drying. Gary, (with assistance from Ernie and Doug)  applying the last few clamps to his (soon to be) new landing net. Tyson and Gary, manning the Northern Waters Flyfishers booth at the P.A. Outdoor Sport and Recreation show. Ed helping a student learn to tie a fly at the P.A. Outdoor Sport and Recreation Show Ernie teaching someone how to tie a fly at the P.A. Outdoor Sport and Recreation Show Gary talking to folks at the P.A. Outdoor Sport and Recreation Show. Thomas giving a talk on fly fishing at the P.A. Outdoor Sport and Recreation Show.
Tyson demonstrating how to tie a fly at the P.A. Outdoor Sport and Recreation Show. Denis transferring fingerlings from the hatchery truck to garbage bins for transport to the lake. Assisting Fisheries  Dept. with Lake Stocking.  Denis heading out with a load of fingerlings to stock Jade Lake. Carrying fingerlings into a lake for stocking.  Notice the fingerlings are transported in one container while an oxygen tank feeding them oxygen during the trip is carried in another. Fingerlings being transferred from the hatchery truck to a carrying container in preparation for stocking in a lake. For one lake the Northern Waters Flyfishers cut a quad trail to the lake so a quad could be used for stocking. This is much easier than carrying fish, water, and oxygen in by hand. Denis is supervising the final stocking step, releasing the fingerlings into the lake. Denis filling a garbage pail with water prior to transferring fish from the Hatchery truck.