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Part of what made us want to write the book was that it is a darn good story it's got a juicy mystery, detective work, sadness, joy, a troubled childhood lots of good stuff. But also it touches on a question that most people face in different ways why am I what I am? I think questions of identity are universal, whether you're adopted or not. And I always find it interesting, and I hope other people do too, to watch people try to figure out how they became the person they are.

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For me, a few things really stood out. One, that Jil Picariello wholeheartedly feels that her mother and father are the people who raised her (there's not a parent in the world who doesn't want to hear that) and two, that both women found parenting their own children significantly challenging and three, the notion and execution of finding two (or in this case three) people who made a choice not to keep you is an extremely complicated venture with a lot of emotional landmines.

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