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5. Women are less likely to orgasm during casual sex. Though women are as likely as men to engage in casual sex and hookups, they are less likely to orgasm during those encounters, according to new research [11]. "I'm not going to try as hard as when I'm with someone I really care about," Duvan Giraldo, 26, told the New York Times.

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You've made it to Wednesday afternoon you can certainly get through the rest of this week! But first take a break to check out the top stories we've been talking about. Amy Robach's on air mammogram may have saved her life. Good Morning America's Amy Robach had been avoiding her doctor's recommendation to have a mammogram done when a producer at GMA called and asked if she'd be willing to have an exam on national TV. This week she revealed that to her surprise, the mammogram turned up evidence of breast cancer [4], and she will be undergoing a double mastectomy.

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2. Drink to your heart's content without getting drunk. Fellow wine lovers, rejoice! David Nutt, a leading British neuroscientist, says he has developed an alcohol substitute [6] that mimics the feeling you experience while drunk without the crashing hangover that generally follows the next morning. Although Nutt hasn't been able to conduct a large scale study of his product yet, he's been testing it on himself and says it appears to be working. (I think that sounds like very solid science, don't you?) Until it's widely available, stick with one of these low cal cocktail recipes [7] and be sure to imbibe responsibly!

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