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I have also expressed this at PTA meetings. I recently had another incident with my youngest son at Jefferson Houston school where another student urinated in my son's eye in the bathroom. As a parent I understand that things can happen on any given school day but the way this was handled has been outrageous. My son was traumatized over this incident. I was unsure what route to take so I contacted my aunt Sheryl Bell who has been involved in this city as a day care provider for over thirty years and as an advocate for special needs students. Her first response was to find out what the nurse's report was concerning this incident. I did find that information out. Then she instructed me to find out what was the disciplinary action taken. I emailed the nurse, the teacher, and the administrator who handled the incident. The only people who have responded to this incident (that happened a week ago) that have given me further explanation are the nurse, and the teacher.

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How many years is a school going to be allowed to have an overall terrible reputation in the community? I have my children at this school because I am see the potential in this school and I desire for my children to be able to enjoy the amenities that will come with the new school. I am part of the solution so I have the right to speak up and express dismay and/or enthusiasm about the leadership at the school. This is the same school that is being rebuilt to the sum of 40 plus million. Even though the school has made some progress there are still more issues that the administration has a closed eye to that need to be addressed immediately. Everyone is so afraid of the state takeover and the scrutiny that the school is under that a lot of incidents are going unattended and causing the environment to become unsafe my sons. My aunt Sheryl Bell has been involved with the school system with her children and the foster children she took care of for over thirty years and in her opinion "the school system has regressed instead of progress". We will continue to state to all parents that you need to speak up on behalf of your child and get involved with their education and progress that turns our children into productive adults. When a child has the school, parent, and community working as a team together it turns our children into lifelong achievers.

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I am a mother of three Jefferson Houston students. I am engaged in the school and the city with a host of issues alongside a team of residents and parents. I have been vocal about there being a group of citizens and parents who are open to the school takeover. I attended the townhall, Delegates Ebbin and Krupiecka held at Charles Houston last year and voiced that same opinion followed up by an email from me. I voted for both of these men to represent the views of the people who elected them into office.

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