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Rick Steves Roll Aboard Carry On Bag The Bottom LineOk, I liked this bag a lot. Martha loved it. It's got all those outside pockets to fill with stuff you need to get at fast. It's expandable. The weight has been reduced so you don't face such a stiff penalty for having the convenience of wheeled luggage. And they throw in a couple of mesh bags for your dainties. You can't beat that. Travel is changing. Someday I'll have to get a rolling bag of my own.

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First Looks at the 21 inch Roll AboardWe got the maroon Roll Aboard except that I think the official name of the color is "Merlot." I would have preferred Pinot Noir, but I tend to look at most of the world sideways these days. When I took it out of its box, I was amazed at how light it was. Usually, rolling bags are quite heavy due to all the mechanics of wheels and handles and things they've tacked on to get it to roll properly. The literature says it's the lightest in its class, and I believe it. They've saved some weight by not making it "convertible." There are no straps because you people never strap convertible packs on your backs anyway. And why would you? It's a fine smart looking bag. From the outside there are two pockets to access that you can see, and one that's sorta hidden. Martha couldn't find the hidden one at first. "Keep looking, dear," I kept saying. I like being alone with my thoughts some times. Along about dinner time she announced that she had found it. The opening was alongside another zipper that makes the bag two inches wider, just in case you buy some things and need some extra space. (Beware though, the extra two inches puts you out of the carry on range.) There are two padded handles, so you can carry the bag the old fashioned way, either vertically or horizontally.

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